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Antrica specialise in Video Encoders and Decoders, offer excellent Service and technical support .
Antrica supply products worldwide directly or via our Global Distributers.
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Products key features include:

Screen Recording Encoders

Record a 1080p60 desktop of a PC and send over IP Ethernet LAN or WAN where it can be central recorded on VMS.

Two Way Audio

Allowing audio communication between the users of the encoder & decoder.

4K Enabled

4K Video Encoders & Decoders ,UHD Encoders, HD Encoders & SD Video over IP encoders – Send High Resolution Video Over IP.

ONVIF Profile S compliant

ONVIF Profile S Video Encoders & Video Decoders – most of our encoders are ONVIF Profile S compliant for CCTV & Security Protocols.

VMS Integration Encoders

Use our video encoders to send video to a VMS for recording & litigation purposes.

Low Latency

Low Latency Video Encoders & Decoders used to send video and audio with minimal delay often <100ms.

PC Less

PC-Less 4K, UHD & 1080p60 CCTV IP Camera Viewing Decoders  – Decode & view up to 100 IP cameras without the need for a PC or VMS.

Send HDMI Signals

Send a HDMI signal over IP via LAN or WAN – Long Distance Range HDMI Extender Encoder.