In our latest blog, Les Litwin, the owner of Antrica explains how Antrica products have been used in the Defence, Military and UAV markets.

Video encoders as used in a UAV application.

So, UAVs are unmanned aerial vehicles, but the principle is pretty much the same for vehicles that go under the sea, or drive around on land. They all have one common theme about them, they’re all unmanned, and they all have cameras, and you have to get that camera image back to some other location, usually over a radio link.

Now, the other feature of a UAV, unlike some of our other markets, is that the equipment tends to be very small, so the encoder has to be extremely compact, lightweight and it has to fit obviously, you know, in a confined space. So one of the advantages is that if you’ve got a very small encoder, it’s very light, very low-power, it can be used in an unmanned aerial vehicle because obviously, that has to take off and fly around, and it generally is quite small.

But equally, the same situation applies when used in vehicles that go under the sea, or travel on land and that’s really the main advantage of small encoders when used in UAV applications.