In our continuing feature, Les Litwin returns once again to discuss how Antrica products are utilised in various markets worldwide. This time, he sheds the light on how Antrica products can work to facilitate live events.[Transcript]

Antrica products when used in live events.

So, the biggest issue with live events is that you have monitors around the live event, which are showing the live event, unsurprisingly. These monitors are showing both video, and in a lot of cases, the audio is also coming out of these monitors. So people who may be in areas where they can’t see the stage, or whatever the live event is.

The issue is that you can’t have a lot of delay between what the audience is seeing as a live event, and the actual monitor itself, because if there is a large delay, you may well be hearing the live event from one ear and then listening to it through the monitor and if there’s a massive delay then obviously that’s going to sound terrible.

So, the application for our products is mainly where we sell the low latency encoders and decoders into a live event market because the image that’s being shown or being recorded from the stage is then encoded and sent around the arena, or around the field, or wherever the live event is being held. Then it’s being decoded by multiple decoders and it all has to be done very, very quickly.

So, a lot of our products are able to do this in 30 milliseconds which obviously is almost instantaneous, and it allows people to see and hear the event in exactly real-time compared to those people who are watching the live event. So that’s the application for our encoders and decoders in live events.