The owner of Antrica, Les Litwin sits down with us to talk through some of the practical applications of Antrica products in the CCTV and Security markets.

So, encoders in a security surveillance application. So, the prime application that we find for our encoders in security and surveillance is to encode the output of a PC or laptop or some other piece of equipment that has an HDMI or DVI, or other types of output and why would you need to do that?

Well, a lot of situations require that the content of a computer screen is sent to another location where somebody could then either view it or record it, pretty much like an IP camera.

So the encoder connects up to the computer using an HDMI output, we then encode that a full frame rate, full resolution and send that off to a VMS or to a dedicated decoder, or to just some other soft decoder which displays and records it. So that’s probably the prime application for encoders in a security and surveillance market.