Antrica products are often utilised in betting / live sport applications as our products address key requirements such as low latency video links for display of the sport as it is happening, as well as low bit rate, high resolution 4K, UHD or HD performance over a network. One-to-many low latency video streams can be sent to other sport venue areas or betting shops via IP.

Key Betting Applications & Features

  • Upto 4K High Resolution Video Over LAN / WAN
  • Camera Screen Record / Viewing

  • Low bit rate H.265 Encoding
  • Low Latency Video Links

  • HDMI & SDI Over IP Extender
  • Control PTZ Camera over Network


Compatible with leading brands of VMS and IP Cameras

ONVIF is a standard for physical security which is open to all companies and ensures interoperability regardless of manufacturer. Initially focused on video, ONVIF allows Antrica products to work with other third party ONVIF devices and software.

ONVIF uses RTSP streaming which Antrica supports in nearly all our products.

Relevant products comply with PSIA or ONVIF for maximum flexibility and integration into existing IP based CCTV systems including hardware and software decoders, NVRs and CMS.

Our Satisfied Customers

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  • With their friendly and knowledgeable approach, Antrica were able to completely satisfy all my video encoding and decoding needs.

    Thomas Harrison
    Thomas Harrison Technical Director
  • Antrica's specialist insights and step-by-step support helped me to ensure I made the correct product choice for my video encoding software. A very good service!

    Becca Pye
    Becca Pye Chief Technology Officer