Once again, the Marketing Manager of Antrica joins us for our blog today. This time, Carly Litwin explains exactly what ONVIF certification entails, and why ONVIF compliance is a key benefit for encoders and decoders.
[Transcript] ONVIF is a majoritively CCTV, market-based, standardization in which a load of the big key players, like Bosch, and everybody all got together because they all had lots of different security products, and they all just never seem to work together, basically, when you put them in a setup.

So what they did is that they went away, and they came up with this standardization process whereby all the products essentially work together. So, they go through a testing process and they become ONVIF conferment, and once they’ve gone through the ONVIF testing process, that means that you can come and buy one of our video encoders which are fully ONVIF compliant, you know, profile S&G, and you can go buy a video management software which is fully ONVIF compliant, and you can guarantee they’re gonna work together and you’re not going to have any issues.

So essentially it’s just a really really simple way of ensuring that in a security setup, that it’s all going to work together.