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Antrica Encoders and Hudl Sportscode Sports Analysis Software

Sports analysis relies on multiple camera feeds at a sports event or training ground, being recorded on a laptop. These feeds are tagged by Sports Analysts during the sports event for future review by coaches and players.

Traditionally Cameras were either Camcorders with HDMI uncompressed video or specialised cameras with either HDMI or HD-SDI raw video outputs. These HDMI or HD-SDI feeds were captured using a Black magic or similar capture device and input to a laptop as video which could be recorded and tagged.

HDMI had a 10m cable limitation and HD-SDI had a 100m HDSDI cable limitation, although these could be extended using repeaters and fibre converters. These systems obviously have limitations due to cable runs however as Network Cameras have improved with regards quality more Sports Software companies are supporting RTSP feeds over a network.

Why Encoders?

IP Cameras from Axis Dahua Hikvision can be used to stream sports footage over the network and integrate into Sports software. However, at many venues, broadcasters still provide HDSDI video feeds to the sports venue when they film for TV coverage. Also, existing HDSDI cameras can be expensive to replace.

In these scenarios, Antrica’s 4 channel HDSDI and HDMI encoders can convert these Broadcast/VAR/HDSDI video feeds into IP streams that can integrate into Sports analysis software via a network.

Network capability gives Sports Analysts much more flexibility in where they are located at a venue, especially when travelling to away matches.

Antrica Encoders make Integrating Existing HDSDI HDMI feeds with IP cameras into Sports Analysis software possible.


How encoders help with Integration

Antrica encoders will take a broadcasters HDSDI feed in the form of a BNC coaxial cable and convert this video into a network IP stream.

Using H264 and H265 video compression a full HD or 4K feed can be streamed using 1-20 MBits/second over a network to where the sports analysts will sit.

Encoders can be taken on the road with a travelling Sports team and quickly connect to the Broadcasters HDSDI video or the VAR system (football).

Antrica and Hudl Sportscode

Antrica has teamed up with Hudl to offer a 1 and 4 channel HDSDI encoder who’s RTSP stream works seamlessly with Hudl’s Sportscode software. Months of testing ensure that the Antrica HDSDI encoders will run smoothly with the Sports Software from Hudl.

These encoders have a HDSDI passthrough feature which allows the signals to be looped out of the encoder and passed on for other applications.

Typical System Diagram

Issues with using HD-SDI video

HD-SDI is an uncompressed video signal running at extremely high data rates over coaxial cable. The length and quality of the cable and connectors can severely impact the quality of the HDSDI signal.

In some cases, this signal is so poor by the time it reaches the Antrica Encoder that the encoder is unable to lock on to this signal. To overcome this, HD-SDI repeaters can be used which take a poor sHDSDI signal and clean it up and recheck this so it is as good as new.

We always suggest travelling teams carry a few HDSDI repeaters in the event of this happening. We supply the ANT-1504R1 repeater for HDSDI to HDSDI.

Supporting Hudl customers

On this web page we have posted a number of videos and application notes to help with using the encoders together with Hudl’s Software products.

In the event of issues, Antrica has a support ticketing system with a 24-hour response at

Application Notes: Related Solutions

Purchasing the ANT-2504 and ANT-2501 HDSDI Encoders

Hudl Customers can apply to HUDL for a discount code to allow them to buy these encoders from Antricas Distributors in Australia, NZ, USA and Canada or direct from Antrica at a fixed price.

Using the discount code on all enquiries and purchase orders will secure a fixed discount price.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our products or the discount available to Hudl customers.

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