ANT-1504R1 HD-SDI Signal Repeater Regenerator

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Key Features

• HD-SDI Repeater

• Improves Signal Quality

• Regenerates HD-SDI Video Quality Over 100m+ runs

Product Overview

The ANT-1504R1 is a HD-SDI signal repeater / regenerator.

Often in 100m+ runs of HD-SDI cable the signal deteriorates – therefore by using a repeater it maintaining the signal quality & strength over longer distances.

Can be used with any HD-SDI camera.

Relevant products:

For a 4 x HD-SDI input variant of this product see ANT-2504.

ANT-2501, 1 x HD-SDI Channel Input H.264 HD 1080P60 Video Encoder – Product Code: ANT-2501

The above are approved for use and integration with Hudl

  • HD-SDI Repeater
  • Signal Regenerator
  • For 100m+ cable runs
Mode Repeater
Standards 3G HD-SDI
Latency <1mS
Compression None
Profile N/A
Frame Rate 60fps
Bit Rate 3G-HD-SDI
Mode Repeater / reclock
Bit Rate Control N/A
Min Resolution 576i
Max Resolution 1080P
Number of Streams 1
Inputs BNC 3G HD-SDI
Input Combinations BNC
Outputs BNC 3G HD-SDI
Output Combinations BNC
On Screen Display N/A
Mode HD-SDI 6 channel
Compression N/A
Sample Rate N/A
Bit Rate N/A
Streaming N/A
Inputs N/A
Outputs N/A
Interface N/A
Protocols N/A
Security N/A
Configuration N/A
Type N/A
Interface N/A
Protocol N/A
Alarm N/A
Sensor N/A
Sources N/A
Actions N/A
Supply 12 V DC (7.5v – 15v DC)
Adapter input volts 110-240v AC
Adapter Output Voltage 12V DC
Consumption <1W
Edge Storage N/A
Operating Range 0-+50C
Dimensions 100 x 70 x 25 mm
Weight 126 gr
Housing Anodised aluminium
Certifications CE FCC RoHS
Software N/A
Warranty 12 months
Remote N/A
Reset N/A
Set Up N/A
Control N/A
Upgrade N/A
Contents Repeater 12v Universal PSU
Power Cable/adapter EU UK USA China/Aus adapters

A few of the applications are:

  • Improve signal quality over longer cable runs
  • Regenerates HD-SDI Video Signal

This product is not limited to the markets and applications described.