ANT-1772 Micro UAV, HD-SDI & Composite, Low Latency H.264 HD Video Encoder or Decoder

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Product Code: ANT-1772.

Key Features

  • 2 x Composite Streams or 1 x 1080p30 stream + 1 x Composite or 1 x 1080i50or60 stream + 1 x Composite
  • H.264 Micro Sized Video Encoder or Decoder
  • Low Latency 100ms with Neptune player application provided
  • Unicast, Multicast Broadcast, UDP, RTP and RTSP Streams SupportedANT-1772 Micro UAV, HD-SDI & Composite, Low Latency H.264 HD Video Encoder or Decoder, capable of 2 x Composite Streams or 1 x 1080p30 stream + 1 x Composite or 1 x 1080i50or60 stream + 1 x Composite using an IP LAN ethernet connection.Supporting single channel HD-SDI and dual composite video inputs the ANT-1772 can stream in both RTSP and MPEG TS formats over an Ethernet connection to the Drones / unmanned vehicle Radio link. Using a low latency player/ decoder video latency of  100mS is achieved in this small low weight module. The ANT-1772 can be configured to be an Encoder or a Decoder allowing for hardware to hardware low latency links. The UAV Micro also supports video plus audio streaming and multi channel Video support.The inputs can vary in the combination of: either 2 x Composite Streams or 1 x 1080p30 stream + 1 x Composite or 1 x 1080i50or60stream+1x Composite.The outputs are capable of :1 x D1 or 1 x 1080P30 or 1x1080P30+ 1 x SD.There is edge storage via SD Card / NAND Flash 2GB + USB OTG
    Multiple streaming formats are supported such as Unicast, Multicast Broadcast, UDP, RTP and RTSP.The ANT-1772 is powered by 5-30v 3.3v DC and power consumption of 3w typical. 44.1 and 48KHz audio is supported with embedded audio HDMI supported.RS232 serial 2 way control with alarm and sensor GPIO Size: 45 x 45 x 10mm
    Weight: 37g
    Operating temperature range is – 40c to +85 c.

Markets: , .
  • 1920 x 1080P30 Max Resolution plus Composite
  • Serial RS232 bi directional
  • H.264 Encoder or Decoder
  • HD-SDI & 2 x Composite Inputs
  • On board recording via Micro SD card option
  • Simplex Stereo Audio
System Mode Encoder or Decoder
System Standards RTSP, MPEG-TS
System Latency <150mS (system dependant)
Video Compression H.264
Video Profile Baseline
Video Frame Rate 1-60fps
Video Bit Rate 100kbs – 10mbps
Video Mode GOP
Video Bit Rate Control CBR, VBR
Video Min Resolution 720 x 480
Video Max Resolution 1920 x 1080P30
Video Number of Streams 4 x Primary H.264
Video Inputs 1 x HD-DSI & 2 x Composite
Video Input Combinations 1 x 1080p30+ 1 x D1 / 1 x 1080i50or60 + 1 x D1 / 2 x D1
Video Outputs 1 x HDMI , 1 x HD-SDI , 1 x Composite
Video Output Combinations 1 x D1 / 1 x 1080P30 / 1 x 1080P30 + 1 xSD
Video On Screen Display English
Audio Mode Simplex Stereo
Audio Compression
Audio Sample Rate
Audio Bit Rate
Audio Streaming
Audio Inputs Microphone
Audio Outputs Speaker
Network Interface 10-100 Ethernet RJ45
Network Protocols IPv4, TCP, UDP, IGMP(Multicast),HTTP,RTSP,DNS
Network Security N/A
Network Configuration SDK, WEB
Data Type Serial 2 Way
Data Interface RS232
Data Protocol Clear
Data Alarm GPIO
Data Sensor GPIO
Event Sources N/A
Event Actions N/A
Power Supply 5-30v DC Option (3.3v)
Power Adapter input volts N/A
Power Adapter Output Voltage N/A
Power Consumption 3w
Recording Edge Storage SD Card / NAND Flash 2GB + USB OTG
Temperature Operating Range – 40c to +85 c
Physical Dimensions 45 x 45 x 10mm
Physical Weight 37g
Physical Housing PCB Only
General Certifications RoHS
General Software Neptune Player & IP Finder
General Warranty 12 Months
General Remote N/A
General Reset Web or IP Finder
Control & Set Up Set Up Web Interface API Document
Control API
Upgrade Firmware Upgrade
In the Box Contents PCB & Optional Leads
Power Cable/adapter N/A

A few of the applications are:

  • Encoding video in UAV / Robotic
  • Unmanned vehicles / submarine

This product is not limited to the markets and applications described.

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