ANT-2400B Mini 4K HDMI & DVI H.265 or H.264 HD UHD Video Encoder

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Key Features

  • 3840 x 2160 P30 Max Resolution (4K / UHD)
  • H.265 or H.264 Encoder
  • HDMI & DVI Inputs (DVI requires dongle)
  • ONVIF discovery, HTTP, RTSP, RTMP and MPEG-TS over UDP Streaming Supported

Product Overview

ANT-2400 Mini 4K HDMI & DVI H.265 HD UHD H.265 or H.264 4K Video Encoder, capable of up to a maximum 3840 x 2160 at 30 frames per sec encode with Dual stream streaming (Primary 1 x H.264 or H. 265 / Secondary 1 x H.264 or H.265) using an IP LAN ethernet connection. This allows compatibility with all existing and future streaming decoder systems both software and hardware based. Other Encoder input resolutions like 1080 and 720 supported as well as scaled output streams.
The new H.265 range has been introduced for customers who need lower bit rate video transfer over LAN or WAN networks – often due to internal network limitations, whilst maintaining high quality video. Applications using 4G where high quality high resolution video streams are required are ideal for this encoder.  The ANT-2400 is also physically small and runs off a 12v DC power supply.
The inputs are HDMI & DVI. There is no HDMI output connections for looping on this encoder
Multiple streaming formats are supported RTSP, RTMP,HTTP, MPEG-TS plus ONVIF Discovery,
The encoder is powered via a 12v DC power source.
AAC & MP3 audio is supported with embedded audio in HDMI or analogue input.
There is no RS232/485/422 2 way serial data communication, motion detection , sensor and alarm I/O, please see the ANT-38000 for this feature (at 4K resolutions – other encoders such as ANT-35000A available at lower HD resolution encoding).
This product can be paired with the ANT-37000 (SpotBox4K) to offer a full 4K encoding and decoding solution over standard LAN IP connections.
Size: 110 x 112 x 33 mm
Weight: 1kg
Power Supply: 12v DC

Power Consumption: TBC

  • 1 x HDMI or DVI
  • H.265 or H.264 HD Video Encoder
  • Up to 3840 x 2160 at 30 frames per sec encode (4K/UHD)
  • Dual streaming using an IP LAN ethernet connection
  • Inputs are HDMI or DVI
  • The HDMI input needs an external splitter for looping the signal.
  • Powered via 5V USB
  • AAC and MP3 audio
  • Embedded audio in HDMI
  • Small size encoder
System Mode Encoder
System Standards ONVIF (Not Profile S), RTSP, RTP, RTMP, HTTP, UDP, TCP
System Latency >150mS
Video Compression H.264 (MJPEG-4) / H.265 (HEVC)
Video Profile Baseline & High H264 plus HEVC
Video Frame Rate 5-60 fps (Max at UHD 3840×2160 is 30fps)
Video Bit Rate 16kbps-50 mbps
Video Mode GOP
Video Bit Rate Control CBR, VBR
Video Min Resolution 320 x 180
Video Max Resolution 3840 x 2160 (2560×1600, 2560×1440 , 2048×1152 , 1080 and 720P)
Video Number of Streams Primary 1 x H.265 & 1 Secondary H.265 or Primary 1 x H.264 & Secondary H.264
Video Inputs 1 x HDMI
Video Input Combinations Any 1 Input
Video Outputs N/A
Video Output Combinations N/A
Video On Screen Display English
Audio Mode Full Duplex Stereo
Audio Compression MP3 + AAC + G711
Audio Sample Rate G711 = 8Khz , AAC= 32/44.1/48kHz
Audio Bit Rate G711=64kbps, AAC= 64/128kb/256Kbs
Audio Streaming 1 Way Stereo
Audio Inputs Line In , HDMI Audio
Audio Outputs N/A
Network Interface 10-100 Ethernet RJ45
Network Protocols ONVIF (Not Profile S), RTSP, RTP, RTMP, HTTP, UDP, TCP
Network Security Password Protection, HTTP
Network Configuration SDK, API, HTTP
Data Type N/A
Data Interface N/A
Data Protocol N/A
Data Alarm N/A
Data Sensor N/A
Event Sources N/A
Event Actions N/A
Power Supply 12v (Compact Size)
Power Adapter input volts AC 110-240v
Power Adapter Output Voltage 12v DC
Power Consumption 5w
Recording Edge Storage Micro SD Card
Temperature Operating Range 0C to + 50C (storage temp -40C – +70C)
Physical Dimensions 112 x 110 x 33 mm
Physical Weight 300 grams
Physical Housing Black Aluminum
General Certifications CE , FCC, RoHS
General Software IP Finder + VMS
General Warranty 12 Months
General Remote N/A
General Reset Web or external
Control & Set Up Set Up Web Interface API Document
Control API + SDK
Upgrade Firmware Upgrade
In the Box Contents Encoder , 5v Power Supply, Country converters HDMI Audio Ethernet
Power Cable/adapter 1 of either UK/US/EU/China/Aus

A few of the applications are:

  • Encode a 4K monitor screen and send to a VMS for monitoring, recording and litigation purposes.
  • Encode 4K video from a piece of medical equipment and send to remote consultant to oversee the procedure
  • Encode & decode 4K video using this encoder and SpotBox4K decoder.