As we are based in the UK and Brexit has now come into affect we wanted to provide a page with information regarding what to expect.

The UK and EU have signed a trade deal, which means there should be no import duty for products which are made in the UK.

Please check this attached PDF which lists the country of origins of all of our products as there may be duty payable on other countries of origin.

Important Information

All shipments to EU countries will now come with a commercial invoice along with the declared purchase prices of the goods plus shipping charges (if applicable).

VAT is likely to be charged for at the point of import to your country , but then may be claimed back at a later date if your business is VAT registered.

Each individual country may have its own rules on charging administration fees for imports , this is in addition to any duty and taxes payable (is not included in shipping costs), so this would be paid for by the buyer (you).

You would need to contact your local government who can advise on this, if useful the most commonly used commodity codes for the products we sell are listed below:

Video Encoders / Video Decoders (including UAV Range) : 8517620000

All Digital Cameras : 8525803000

Cables of any kind with connectors (HDMI Cables / UAV cables) : 8544421000

Metal Rack (1URACK) : 7326200090

Please see attached PDF for individual commodity (HS) codes and other useful product information to confirm in detail.

In addition we have found this website to be helpful in estimating import costs , please use the link below to access this website SIMPLY DUTY

(These are indication costs, actual charges may vary, this website is not linked to Antrica in any way).