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Antrica have been an industry leading manufacturer and supplier of hardware video encoders & decoders, including Codec Decoders for 15 years. They specialise in this niche video over IP industry and their products stand out due to their performance, integration, performance and compatibility. Due to this, Antrica have become a trusted and respected supplier across the globe. 

When choosing a decoder, it is important to know the following points as this will help narrow down the choice/type of decoder you require:

  • What output connection to the decoder do you require? (HDMI, HD-SDI , Composite/CVBS, DVI, VGA?).
  • What video resolution do you require? (4K, UHD, HD, SD etc).
  • How many cameras do you wish to view at any one time on screen?
  • Do you require H.264 or H.265 decoding? Note: Antrica has one H.265 decoder available.
  • Do you require full ONVIF discovery or just RTSP decoding?
  • Do you require ultra-low latency? In this case, specialised encoder/decoder pairs are required.

If you require a video decoder why not speak with one of our experienced team members who can answer all of your questions and ensure you find the right video decoder – get in touch today!

For over 15 years, our team of UK specialists have been assisting system integrators & organisations from all over the world find the perfect video encoder and decoder solutions.

We are the only specialist supplier & manufacturer in this area of the market, and have the largest range of encoders and decoders in the world. All our products come with a comprehensive warranty, and are well known in the industry for their performance and quality, plus our technical support is second to none.

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