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Antrica is an industry leading manufacturer and supplier of hardware video encoders & decoders who have been an established and respected brand in this industry for 15 years. Antrica are specialists in this niche video over IP industry, and supply to a range of markets worldwide.
Their products are set apart from competitors due to their reliability, performance, integration and compatibility.

ANT-6000E Video Encoder
ANT-2014 Video Encoder
ANT-3300 Video Encoder

When choosing an encoder, it is important to know the following points as this will help narrow down the choice/type of encoder you require:

  • What input connections to the encoder do you require? (HDMI, HD-SDI , Composite/CVBS, DVI, VGA?)
  • Do you require H.264 or H.265 (This is often determined by your existing network due to the bit rate of the video)?
  • How many different stream types do you need? (Typically 1-4)
  • Do you require a low latency product? (Less than 150ms delay end to end?)
  • What video resolution do you require? (4K, UHD, HD, SD etc)
  • How are you decoding / displaying the video (At the other end)? VMS, Dedicated Decoder?
  • Do you require full ONVIF Profile S & G compliance/compatibility or just VLC player compatibility?
  • What audio support is required? (High quality AAC , 2 way audio etc.)

If you require a video encoder, why not speak with one of our experienced team members who can answer all of your questions and ensure you find the right video encoder – get in touch today!

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